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The Perthcolator workshops are a series of six 2-hour sessions designed to walk the new entrepreneur through the process of creating a new business. Based on the Lean Startup philosophy, the workshops are aimed at ensuring that the new business is viable and will make money before the founder commits any capital to it.

This is YOUR chance to turn that idea that’s been in your head for a while into a viable business!

The workshop sessions are held at TechHub, in Money St, Northbridge. TechHub is a mainstay of the thriving startup community in Perth, and is easily accessible from both the CBD by foot and wider Perth area by car during the evening.

Workshop sessions are held on a Thursday evening at 5:45pm (for a 6pm start) until around 8pm. The actual finish time varies because discussion can prolong the session, and we welcome that. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and bring their problems to the sessions for help from the experienced mentors present.

The workshop course content can be summarised as:

  • Week 1: Ideas and how to think about them
  • Week 2: Customer Problems, the heart of any new business
  • Week 3: Market Validation, finding out if your idea works
  • Week 4: Solutions and how to build them
  • Week 5: Marketing, brand and stories
  • Week 6: Administration, structure, investment and finance

The workshop sessions are conducted by experienced startup founders, each of whom is an expert in their area. Each session is taught by a founder who has explicit experience in the subject matter for that session, so there are multiple tutors over the course of all six sessions.

The series culminates in a graduation ceremony held at a startup community venue, where the attendees are invited to pitch their business or idea to the audience. The startup community is very supportive and is able to provide help with most businesses, and pitching a business to an audience is a vital experience for new founders.

Stop procrastinating and start doing!

Weekly Schedule

Keep it simple

Week 1: Ideas

  • What a startup idea is made up of and how to analyse it
  • How to protect a startup idea
  • How to use the Lean Canvas to document the idea

Week 2: Identifying the Customer Problem

  • Why the Customer Problem is the key ingredient
  • Identifying the problem statement at the core of the idea
  • How to express the idea from the customer’s point of view
  • Expressing the idea as an Elevator Pitch

Week 3: How to Validate Your Market

  • How to identify your first customer
  • Where to find your first customer
  • What to do if your first customer says “no thanks”

Week 4: Solving the Customer Problem

  • Ensuring your solution solves the customer problem
  • MVP: Testing the solution on a customer
  • Ensuring you’re building something people want to buy
  • Specifying your solution for techies

Week 5: Marketing to a Wider Audience

  • Identifying your brand and message
  • Telling the story of your brand
  • Writing a Press Release
  • Customer acquisition, funnels, and startup economics

Week 6: Next Steps

  • Looking at Investment
  • Incorporation and Administration
  • Teams and Skills
  • What to do next