About Us

Why did we start Perthcolator?

The founders of Perthcolator have been around the startup community for a while, and we see the stream of new founders rushing in to build their apps and websites. We’ve advised them, helped build their sites, structured their companies, and marketed their ideas, all the time watching as they made the same mistakes again and again.

Perthcolator is the class we wish every new startup founder would go through. We built this to solve the problem we see: everyone making the same simple mistakes over and over again. The workshops contain the advice and experience that we’ve learned the hard way from doing this repeatedly.

The workshops are stage 1 in a 3-stage plan that will help build a better, stronger startup community. Stage 2 is mentoring and coaching, and stage 3 is investment. We are actively working to build these stages into the program and provide services to Perthcolator workshop alumni.

Why only to workshop alumni? Because the workshops provide the basic education in Lean Startup thinking that underpin the rest. Mentoring and coaching founders who don’t understand the basics is hard. The workshops provide the basics, a solid foundation that cen be built on. 

Perthcolator is a not-for-profit because we believe in a strong startup community. We’re not doing this to make money, we’re doing this to make a better community.